Foundation of Resistance


It is only a few months after the Battle of Yavin.

The Rebel Alliance gains momentum with victory after victory. The Emperor, now seeing the Rebellion as a genuine military threat, has stepped up military operations in the Troius sector.

Grand Moff Arnath, Surface Marshal of the Troius Sector Army, oversees the dozens of systems from the new Imperial sector-capital of Imperial Academy World ST-609E, commonly known as, “Strife.”

The heroes continue to serve the Alliance performing their roles as special operatives, until encountering bounty hunters in the city of Nova Correllus on Nar Shadaa. They barely escape with their lives.

Thus far

The PC’s have helped form a fifth-column organization, recruited sympathizers to the cause, helped destabilize governments, and eliminated Imperial opposition. The resistance has now allied itself with the newborn Alliance to Restore the Republic, and contributes to military actions against the Empire.

A handful of Senators are attempting to escape, and have enlisted the PC’s help.

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